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vrf De-Activating Spacebar

Question asked by tdllc01 on Feb 11, 2002

Thanks!  This will be extremely useful, and much easier to control.

I, too, wish the "Assign" checkbox was unchecked by default.  That's bitten
me on several occasions.

George Tyrrell

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> George,
> I have done this in the past by creating a user function that pops up a
> panel off screen with a single control that executes immediately. Just
> the function in the top of the thread that activates your controls. See
> attached example. Of course, also make sure that your controls all have
> "Assign to Enter key" and "Assign to Esc key" unchecked. (I really wish
> was the default.)
> Regards,
> Bill Ossmann
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> Subject: vrf De-Activating Spacebar
> Hello All,
> Does anyone know of an elegant way to deactivate the spacebar focus on a
> panel?
> I use a panel with multiple renamed OK buttons to start various threads.
> Some of those buttons are present to abort tests or return a complex
> system to a default safe condition while in the middle of another thread.
> want to force the operator to mouse-click rather than accidently hit the
> spacebar key and abort a  good test that has been running for over 14
> My present technique has been to create a dummy OK button when first
> entering the user function/object with a thread going nowhere and hiding
> that OK button underneath one of the other icons on the panel .  So far
> works, but seems to be a workaround rather than an elegant solution.
> I am presently using VEE 5.01 in NT4.0 for this customer.
> Any ideas would be welcome.
> George Tyrrell
> TestDynamics LLC
> Thornton, CO

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