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vrf Passing char *value to a DLL

Question asked by VRFuser on May 1, 2002
Hi Phil.

>DLLEXPORT int bfEncrypt(char *Data, const int DataLength, char *Key, int

Ok, no prob there.

>From VEE I pass some simple text to *Data (i.e. "Phil") and no problem. 
>However, VEE complains about the size 16 text array that I attemt to pass
>to *Key.  The exact response from VEE is:

Ahhh.. size 16 text *array*. There's the problem. A text scalar is a C type
char *, but a text array is C type char **. IOW in C you get a pointer to an
array of pointers to your strings.

Change the def to: ... char **Key, int KeySize)

and iterate the array in C like so:

int  i;
char *pString;

for(i = 0; i < KeySize; i++) {
  pString = Key[i];
  /* pString is now a pointer to the ith string passed from VEE */


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