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vrf command line parameters and shortcut

Question asked by VRFuser on Oct 3, 2001

> fatal error C1083: Cannot open
> precompiled header file:
> 'Debug/junkx.pch':
> No such file or directory
> Error executing cl.exe.

Bummer! Yup, pre-compiled headers can cause problems. Steve's suggestion to
use "Compile All" will probably cure the problem, but there's a few other

> To simplify things, I copied
> and pasted manual49.c (from
> VEE's example files) into this
> new project.

If it's the same one included with VEE 5 (probably), you'll need to make a
modification to the source so VEE can find the functions.

Where you see DLLEXPORT (on lines 13 & 15), add:

extern "C"

to the beginning of those lines. IOW:

extern "C" DLLEXPORT char myFunc_desc[] = "This function adds 1.0 to the
array passed in";

C++ adds characters to function names so the compiler can support 'function
overloading' -- different functions named the same that have different
parameter lists. You never see these characters but they're in the dll's
function export table. Without telling the compiler not to 'mangle' the
function names (using the extern "C" directive), VEE wouldn't be able to see
'myFunc', but something like 'myFunc@@A@4@8'.

I don't see anything else in this source that would cause a problem, but I
would suggest that when calling this function, you use VEE's totSize
function to supply the first parameter, arraySize. If this number is smaller
than the size of the array, nothing terrible would happen other than you
would be left with some unincremented values in the array. OTOH, if it's
larger, it could cause the dreaded BRB 739.

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