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vrf Problem with GPIB Card 82350A and ASUS P4B266 Motherboard

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 6, 2002
hello everybody,

for two weeks ago, i received a new pc with an ASUS P4B266 Motherboard.
Following components are installed:

AGP Slot: Matrox G450
Slot1: free
Slot2: 3Com Ethernet
Slot3: Meilhaus ME1400 PIO
Slot4: free
Slot5: esd CAN PCI331
Slot6: should be Agilent PCI GPIB 82350A

All drivers are up-to-date.
OS: win2k

And now my problem:
as the GPIB Card is set into the slot the os send this message: "network
cable is not connected"

Has anyone a similar problem.

Viele Gre
Best regards

i. A.

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