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AW: vrf Max(hold), Min (hold)

Question asked by bernhardt on Feb 13, 2002
When I need information on variables or events from a test running, I tend
to write into a log file (formatted ascii lines).  From a remote station, I
can acces the data by opening the log file thru the local network with a
text editor.  If I do my formatting right, I can even dump the data in an
Exel spreadsheet and run some statistics.

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De: []
Date: 13 fvrier 2002 03:28

Maybe a solution, works well over a Lan

Paul Rowan
Bt Goonhilly

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From: Kathy Kiessling []
Sent: 13 February 2002 01:23

I've run into the same problem.  We've abandoned that approach altogether,
since it is limited for the remote person (us) and slows down the host quite
a bit, plus if there are multiple windows, the one you want may not be the
server, and with VEE6, each user has to enable the server AND save it.
We're using a more general-purpose third-party solution, like PC-anywhere ..
you can pick your favorite.

Kathy Kiessling
Endwave Corporation

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De: Phil McRevis []
Date: 12 fvrier 2002 17:45

Perhaps you could create another userfunction with AlphaNumeric displays of
the variables you are interested in.  You could then utilize the VEE web
calling construct to access just that page with updated variables.

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From:      Marc Engle []
Sent:     Tuesday, February 12, 2002 2:38 PM

I've played around a little bit with VEE's built in web server to
monitor a test remotely from my desk PC.  It works OK, but there are some
other things I'd like to have.  For instance, I'm looking for a way to
access what's in certain global variables during the test remotely.  I'm not
interested in controlling the test (via LAN or otherwise) remotely, just
accessing some of the variables.  VEE's built-in web server allows me to
view a user function, or detail, etc., but not the contents of variable
names.  Ultimately, I would just like to display a status on my desk machine
letting me know where the test in the lab is running.  Any help would be

Marc A. Engle
RF Micro Devices, Inc.
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