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vrf stepper control

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 25, 2002
Hi David,

Not sure what your final application is, but I agree with the others
who have responded so far that controlling a stepper directly would
be a real pain, however sending serial commands to a controller that
does all the low level pulse work is far easier for VEE to handle.

I personally use the Robo Cylinder from Automation Controls to move a
sliding short in my ATE setup. They are top quality, reasonably priced
and fairy easy to move with ASCII commands over a serial port. You can
program it to move to any absolute, or relative point, using your
specified speed and acceleration. Repeatability is 0.02mm to any point.
If you're interested, check 'em out at...

Good luck with your project!
Mike Groves
UltraRF a CREE company
Sunnyvale, CA

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Subject: vrf stepper control

Has anyone used VEE to control stepper motors?
If so, which hardware and which drivers?

David J
Testar Ltd