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Re2: vrf Formatting numbers

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 17, 2002
Thanks to all you.

I've found that in VEE5.01 your formula WRITE TEXT a REAL64 STD:1 EOL
leads to an error.
Replacing it with  WRITE TEXT a REAL STD:1 EOL    (without 64) it works.

But Mike add to his message a file named C.DTF
What kind of file is this?

Stan Bischof (Richard S) <> con fecha 16/04/2002

Destinatarios: Claudio Garcia Casado/INFR/TESA@Telefonica
Asunto:   Re[2]: vrf Formatting numbers wrote:
> Sorry Stan: I've received your vee program as text. It has been a rapid
> answer.
>  I've copied it with the Notepad, and saved as vee.
> When I try to execute it, an error message doesn't allow to see your
> "contribution".
> Try to send as an attached file.
> Gracias. Thanks

It is just a TO STRING with one transaction


if you really want the leading zero then a formula can
add this in as needed


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