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FW: vrf VEE 6.1

Question asked by VRFuser on May 27, 2002
Latest reply on May 27, 2002 by VRFuser
Thanks Rich. I had applied the patch to a VEE 6.0 machine without first
applying the 6.01 patch, so things didn't work like they should.

I stand corrected (on that part).


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On my win2k system Help-About *DOES* indicate the correct version number
6.03.  6.01 was also indicated in the past.

But File Properties - Vesion for vee.exe tells me  I don't know
which files the 601 to 603 update patched...

Richard Kleinhenz

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The thing I dislike about the VEE updates (including 6.01 & 6.03), is if
you have several development seats and a bunch of run-time machines, how
are you supposed to tell if any of the updates have been installed???
Have you noticed the version numbers don't change?

HELP/ABOUT gives the original "6.0 (Mar 27, 2000)" response.
PROPERTIES/VERSION of VEE.EXE and VEERUN60.DLL both still say "6.0".
whichversion() still says "6.0".

There's a very slight file size change (a few bytes) for each release so
I guess I will have to keep a table of file sizes vs. release numbers so
I can tell what version a particular machine is running. I haven't seen
6.1 yet so I can only hope the program responds with "6.1" when asked.

While I'm on the topic, I'd like to also include the manual sets that come
with the program. None that I've seen have any version numbers on them. I
can go to the bookshelf where they are kept and have to read into a manual
before I can determine what version it is. How hard can it be to add that
to the outside of the manuals? (I now have a big black marker that solves
that problem.)

(End ranting)

Mike Groves

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Subject: vrf VEE 6.1

I just heard from Agilent regarding VEE 6.1. They didn't send out press
releases for this "minor upgrade." I'll leave it to you users to decide
what's minor.

Martin Rowe
Senior Technical Editor
Test & Measurement World
(See attached file: att1a75r.dat)