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DLL calling/using another DLL

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2002

I used Zeecube's ParPort2000 programs to access the PC parallel port
(running on Windows NT 4.0) to create an executable C++ program. This
involved installing a DLL (ParPort2k.dll) in the system32 folder under
Winnt. I then tried to convert the C++ .exe program to a .dll so I may call
it from VEE as a compiled function. When I tried to compile the dll file, it
gave many errors, most of which pointed to the fact that it did not
recognize the parallel port commands.

I've converted  C++ exe programs, which used a GPIO interface, into dll
programs before and it worked all the time. The difference now is that this
time I'm converting a C++ exe program that uses the parallel port, which
references another dll (ParPort2k.dll). I am wondering if this is my
problem, never having done this type of conversion before.

Has anyone ran into this kind of problem before? If you're creating a DLL
file, can you call or reference another DLL?

Thanks in advance.


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