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vrf VEE gripe list - the next

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2002
Ohoho - I think it will be Chrismas,
what a lot of wishes.
I would be enjoy to get most of them - it would be very helpful for daily programming.
I like VEE for a lot of years - or better I love it (nobody is perfect ).
You can write customer applications very fast
- BUT -
its hard to explain the customer (a not IT one) to install SICL first, than then the VEE runtime system and then the application files.
OK you can use a install shield from an other company - but there is one include in VEE to install VEE. We also wrote a VEE-application to install SICL,VEE and a VEE-application at once automaticly (is it stupid?).
Both ways work - but you cant tell it other, what you do.
I think, it should be not a problem to write a small install script, "put" it with the standard vee installer (without development system)on a CD and the end user can install all files in one step.
I mean,  realize that and much more VEE applications run on end user PCs and a lot of them will see, that VEE is a fine programm and they like to order VEE to write own applications.


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