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vrf FlexLM in 6.1

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 7, 2002
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Thomas Tungles says:

"And one more thing - this VRF should have been a web based discussion forum
instead. A lot of the VRF mails are hard to read due to that people use Mime
and HTML encoded messages, include previous VRF mails, adds VEE-programs to
the mails (both undecoded and uuencoded!!!) and so on. And the mail inbox is
filled faster too (!)."


YES !  This forum would be so much better if it was web based. We could
search for old posts, threads coould be organized in subject groups, we
could point to URL's with excellent posts, instead of reinventing the wheel
on "Excel won't quit" posts, and the commonly recurring themes.

INNOVATION. It just isn't happening. SECURITY is the new priority.

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