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vrf active X and VEE Pro 6.01

Question asked by VRFuser on Sep 9, 2002
Nancy -

> I cannot get the translated code
> in VEE to kill the Access instance.
> What is missing??

You can try Delete Variable db and Delete Variable acc
(Data->Variable->Delete Variable) but whether or not that will work I don't
know. This would theoretically be the same as Set db = Nothing and Set acc =
Nothing but this is something Agilent has been working on (if memory serves,
there's a .02 patch that addresses this issue).

If nothing else, you can use one of the "Kill" utilities to make sure your
Access instance is getting nuked. Search for "Excel" and "Kill Excel" in the
archives of this mailing list - this comes up a lot
If you can't find that there's a kill util in the resource kit. Or download
one for NT (& variants) from here:

Alternatively, live with the fact that there will be an open instance of
Access and maybe change the code to use GetObject instead of CreateObject.
If Get fails, use Create.

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