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vrf Advanced Coparator

Question asked by mwills on Nov 11, 2002
Hallo Every One.
I would like to know, if there is option, to display the curves on the graph
x vs. Y
as a numbers of selection.
I mean that I have 4 files that contain data, every one of the suppose to be
different curve, with different color.
in other case I had selected 6 files, but the graph has only 4 input data,
there fore I need to design number of graphs, with
max 12 input data, and it became really heavy program.
another problem is since I have to use x vs. y graph, since there is
correlation between the two axis, the files can be with different
array size, and I get an error message that they must be in the same size.
does any one knows how to display many data on the graph without next curve
option, since in this case I get them all with the same color
and without any edification, on what data is displayed.

Arie Fainbrun

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