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Question asked by bwalden on Jun 10, 2002
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2002 by bwalden
Bill et al

Your reply had the answer I needed.  Input to the strip chart object
always starts at X=0.  If you request time stamp format as I did, you
get the time equivalent to 0 (whatever that might be on your computer).
I would much prefer to have the chart accept the minimum X value as the
start and then increment by the step size thereafter.  The default
minimum X would be 0 but it could be changed programmatically (this is
the way it is now).

Fooling around with this uncovered a couple of interesting things.
First, I see that my attached test application must have been
confusing.  When I wrote it, Chart #1 had min and max values of 2:00:00
am and 2:01:00 am respectively, set using "properties/scales".  It
appears that opening the attachment you received results in these values
changing to whatever time=0 and time=60 equals on your machines.  I
thought that this only happened when the application is run but
apparently loading it is enough.

The second thing I discovered is that max and min scale values need to
be entered as numbers even when they are displayed in time stamp
format.  Surprisingly enough, sometimes entering something like 12:00:00
PM appears to work correctly but perhaps its just luck.  On the other
hand, entering these values incorrectly can have very strange results
including partial loss of X scale tic marks, complete loss of X scale
tic marks, and loss of X value displays - all without error messages.
Try setting min to 15 and max to 10; for me the application runs but not
in a normal manner.


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