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vrf extra characters

Question asked by adam_kohler on Nov 3, 2002
Or even more simply after the TO STRING
the formula could be


which removes the specified characters from the front and back of the string.

I hate to disagree with Stan but the formula can't be put into the I/O transaction, in this case, as the input is a record.

Adam Kohler
Software Test
Agilent Technologies

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Ross Bledsoe <> wrote:

Is there away to strip the {     } off of my output string.  I am writing
this string to an application that will not take these characters.
Thanks in advance,

The brackets do not exist in the "string" - they are added by the alphanumeric
as its way of representing your data, which is a record, not a string.

Similarly an IO transaction with "default" format would write out the record
in this format (adding brackets , quotes, commas).

So, if you want/need something else simply change the formatting.

OR- more simply if you just want to send exactly this string
representation without the brackets, then use a TO STRING
to write out the string as displayed and then a simple formula
to remove the first and last characters:


Note that the formula can of course be put in your IO transaction.



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