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Question asked by Dr_joel Employee on Jun 10, 2002
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Hello James,     
     No., sorry.

However, you may be able to write them yourself.  There is a possibility to
write directly to the 8753 display on interface 717 (if you are at 716 for
the VNA, it's actually the complement of the last digit, one lower for odd
anayzer addresses, one higher for even).  You can write anything you want,
including axis labeling.

There is a not too good example in the Programming Examples where the
display is used for prompts.  You use a graphics language to do this.  I
actually tracked down a couple of pages that have the HP-GL commands for
writing to the display. (attached)

So, you can make any display you like, just like windows .

We've seen some remarkable things done with user graphics, great way to burn
a lot of time, though.

Good Luck,
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Subject: vrf Agilent 8753 Automation ...

Hi all,

Just thought I'd drop a question not related to all the Vee 6.1 issues 

I am developing a test application using the Agilent 8753 and was wondering
if it is possible to switch on a display of the dB values down the left-hand
side of the display ?  (The 8714 range have this on as default).

If anyone has any idea how to do this, please let me know.



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