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vrf Strange Formula Call Behaviour

Question asked by paul.fowler on Nov 14, 2002

That sounds likely, Bob......

Does anyone know a way round it, or any other way I can kill a function
from "outside" ??

Paul F.

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          13:28                             Subject:  RE: [vrf] Strange Formula Call Behaviour

I think its because the UserFunction will not timeslice if the call is
pass to a formula object via the control pin. The Call function will
I use this "feature" to control some of my critical sections of code,
to ensure other threads stop running while i'm doing some timing tests,

This is buried in the Advanced Vee Techniques manual in chapter 11.

Bob W.

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> VEE Gurus.........
> Please help me out with the attatched, it's driving me nuts.
> Thanks
> Paul F.
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