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vrf Execute program

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 24, 2002
Howdy -

> I do not know how to
> get the window focused,

That's the purpose of "AppActivate". The string argument is the window
title. For instance, if I wanted to bring this reply to the foreground, I
would execute (in a VEE formula box):

oWSH.AppActivate("RE: vrf Execute program - Message (Plain Text)");

Where oWSH is a Windows Script Host shell object.

And that would 1) bring this window to the top; 2) make it the active window
(the one that will receive keyboard input).

Some nuances from the documentation of AppActivate:

object.AppActivate title

object - WshShell object

title  - Specifies which application to activate. This can be a string
containing the title of the application (as it appears in the title bar) or
the application's Process ID.


In determining which application to activate, the specified title is
compared to the title string of each running application. If no exact match
exists, any application whose title string begins with title is activated.
If an application still cannot be found, any application whose title string
ends with title is activated. If more than one instance of the application
named by title exists, one instance is arbitrarily activated.

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