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vrf It's Friday.... vrf problem.

Question asked by paul.fowler on Oct 24, 2002

This is probably a dumb question but my brain is locked.  Is there a reason
Vee 6.03 is limiting me to 65535
data points coming back from an instrument in a single transaction?  I know
in the past I've collected half a million points or more from a high speed
multimeter.  I can set up two read transactions of say 60k points each
and get 120k of the 311k I need but for some reason it takes forever.  I
just don't remember having this problem
in the past. Please help.

William T. Blalock
Science Applications International Corporation
Engineering Technician/Technical Analyst
RF Lab (Comm / DSN):(256) 313-7869 / 897-7869
RF Lab Fax (Comm / DSN):(256) 313-7861 / 897-7861

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