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vrf Strange problem with Excel & VEE

Question asked by mark.goldberg on Nov 20, 2003

Not sure how to do what you were asking for, but you might try:

ExcelApp.DisplayAlerts =FALSE;

If I remember correctly this prevents messages from being displayed. Just
make sure you are taking of any errors programmatically or you could run
into trouble.


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Subject: [vrf] Strange problem with Excel & VEE

I have a strange problem that really has me stumped.  I have a test program
that I first started working on about 5-6 years ago.  This program has
really evolved over the years.  I started out using DDE with Excel, and now
I'm starting to rewrite some of the user function using ActiveX.  As part
of my test program, I extract an S-Record from an imbedded micro on one of
our modules.  This data is then loaded into a different Excel spreadsheet,
and there are macros that run and convert some of the hex data to decimal,
and it also decodes some of the data bytes in to a format that is easily
understandable by the user.

Now my problem.  When one of my co-workers gave me this Excel tool (also
evolving, original roots back to Excel 4.0?), we tried to load my input
data file, and the conversion didn't work properly.  He then went and
checked my add-in's in Excel, and noticed that I didn't have a box checked.
We checked the box, then it asked for the install disk to load that
feature.  We loaded the feature, and my Excel tool functions properly, but
now I get a strange message from Excel (see attached) (See attached file:
excel_error.bmp) asking me if I want to replace resume.xlw.  I had never
seen this before.  This causes my VEE program to hang because it is looking
for a YES or NO answer.  Can I tell it via ActiveX YES or NO?  If so, how
do I do it?  excelApp.YES()?


Tom Mitchell
Autoliv AEA

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