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vrf error trap

Question asked by papineni_vinod on Sep 8, 2003
Hello Gonzalo,

Instead of having error output pins for all/multiple objects within a
user object, you can add just one error output pin to the userobject
itself. An error on any of the objects will be trapped by this, and of
course you need to handle this error outside the userobject.

In the case of an userfunction, you cannot add an error output pin for
the function itself, rather you can add an error output pin to the
object that calls the userfunction.

Hope this helps!


--- Gonzalo Urday <> wrote:
> Hello all:
> Is there an easy way to trap errors from multiple objects inside a
> userfunction or userobject. Currently we add the add error output pin
> to all
> my objects, but this is not very clean...any help would be greatly
> welcome...
> Rgds
> Gonzalo

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