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vrf Problem writing to file

Question asked by scubaman on Jul 9, 2002

Hard to glean too much form the sample code out of context.  My suspicion
is that you do not have new data available at the input pins.  You have
unrestrained 'get's.  These will get data only once.  Once the write object
has executed. you can't simply ping it again just from 'get A', you have to
have new data available on ALL input pins.

Richard Kleinhenz

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Hi friends,

I'm having a problem with the attached VEE program. First of all, it do not
work it's just a piece of my program. I want that every time the XY trace
change (it's working fine) the file change, so this file will change
continuosly while the display change too. The problem is I have success
writing to file just at the first XY trace, then my file becomes the same,
never change besides the flow go into the "To File" box and the display is
changing countinuosly as I want. Do you any idea of it ? I'm really don't
know if I'm configuring correctly my "To File" box.

Paul Duran

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