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Question asked by chesnics on Jul 9, 2002
For what it's worth (FWIW):

> 2. Add a windows system variable
> HOME pointing to the desired file

This would be an "environment variable".

> after speaking to our IT
> department discovered the answer,
> although there are different
> methods for setting it dependant
> on the operating system in use.

Well, yes and no actually.

The information you received about typing "set /?" was correct. The
information you received about how to set an environment variable was
correct. The information you received about how to make that environment
variable stick was incorrect.

When you open a DOS prompt, you are "spawning" a process. Any changes you
make to that process (as in setting an env. var.) go away when that process
exits. In DOSese, "environment variables are not persistent." The way we
used to make them seem to be persistent was by adding them to (yup, you
guessed it) our old friend autoexec.bat.

On 9x, add:

set HOME=C:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 6.0

to autoexec.bat. Technically, env. vars. are zero terminated (like all C
strings) but I'm not sure how would deal with white space
preceding an EOL. Double quotes around the path may be necessary (I've been
away from the command line far, far too long).

On NT flavors, the registry key


stores environment variables. Open this key in your favorite registry editor
and add a string value named HOME. Set the value to the path of your
file. Environment variables for a particular user are stored in the registry


These are the entries modified by using the Windows NT/2000 technique
described by your IT dept. Now, as for weather or not this will hurt
anything, all you can do is try and see what happens. From my point of view,
"HOME" is entirely too vague and shouldn't have been chosen. I think a name
such as "VEEIO" would have been much, much better, no?
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