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vrf PIO card?

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 18, 2002
Karen -

> I can't say it was
> much fun to figure
> out.

Awwww... The 8255 *was* fun!

> Do you know if VEE has a
> preferred card that is quick
> and easy to program with?

Well I don't know about preferred but last time I used Keithley it was
pretty cool. They don't explicitly support VEE but they have some really
excellent support ware. The card is pretty nice too. Depending on what
adddress range you use, you can use it in 8255 emulation mode or just about
any combination of bit-wise modes that you care to find useful. My favorite
is an array of single bits. Everything is nice and uncomplicated that way.

Unfortunately the ActiveX control doesn't allow access to these other modes
(it only talks to the card at it's base address). Also, if you're using a
protected OS (like NT or UNIX) then you're pretty much stuck with 8255 emu
mode too (unless you care to write your own driver).
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