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vrf Getting Windows User Login Name

Question asked by jgriggs on Nov 23, 2003

I recently saw an embedded example of getting the logged in Windows user name.
(By embedded, I mean it wasn't the reason the code was sent, I just happened across it inside the code).

I can't seem to find that example (since I don't know which one it came out of).
A search on MSDN (thanks for that info Shawn!) returned the GetUserName variable.
However, I'm not sure how to get this info out of the system.
I tried feeding the text string GetUserName into the getEnv(envStr) function, but nothing came out.
The help indicates the getEnv(envStr) only gets VEE environment variables, not system variables.

So there are two questions now:
1) How does one properly get the Windows User Login?
2) Is there a list somewhere of the VEE environment variable that are valid for the getEnv(envStr) function?

I don't think it will be relevant, but I am using VEE 6.03 currently.

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