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Non-continuous write to files. SOLUTION

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 29, 2002
Hmm, this is quite a popular request, in general... "it is almost there but
there needs to be a few more features".

Unfortunately I don't think you are going to be able to pursuade Agilent (
and they are not the only company with products which are 90%-what-you-want
) to publish how this can be done, assuming it can.  You have some options:
as I see it you can continue using BenchLink as-is; you can create a
program from scratch in VEE to do exactly what you want; you may be able to
do what you want by controlling BenchLink via SendKeys ( my website below
has some examples ) but this will not help you extract data from the

Hope that helps, at least as far as saving you time trying to work out how
to 'ActiveXate' BenchLink!

Mike Watts


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