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vrf VRF- Multiple file selection desperation...

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 6, 2002

I have been engaged in a discussion with another reflector dweller
concerning file selection, displaying, sorting, etc. The VEE LIST BOX Object
allows you to enumerate and select multiple names (if you check the "Allow
Multiple Selections" property box), but it does not allow you to sort or
display the list in any particular fashion with its built in functionality.

Does anyone have a better way to allow multiple selections with the ability
to SORT/DISPLAY based on the enumerated properties ? The best way that I can
explain this:

Assuming that you are using an MS Windows computer running Win9x or above:
1. Click START, then select RUN
2. Type C: and press ENTER
3. An explorer type window will popup, be sure that View ---> DETAILS is
enable so that you have the detailed view
4. You can now sort by any of the 'columns' present in the "My Computer"
window (Name, Type, Size, etc) by clicking the corresponding column
5. You can highlight (select) multiple FILES and DIRECTORY FOLDERS inside of
this window.

What we would like to do is be able to select multiple files from this
window, and have the names/paths of the files output to a Global constant
for further processing.

Does anyone out there have a solution for us ???

Please let me know !!

Jeff Davis
Embedded Systems - CDI Technical Services
3137 E Elwood # 160
Phoenix, Arizona 85034
Phone: (602)431-4497 (x226)
Cell: (480)330-1431
Fax: (602)431-4435

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