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vrf Delete a file, 2nd try

Question asked by michael.asbery on Jul 29, 2002

Your program did work, although you must ensure the file TEST exists in your
c: drive before execution.  Also, if you are using the default settings in
windows, file extensions are not shown, thus del TEST will not work, but del
TEST.txt will.

Another caveat is the MS naming conventions.  If your filename contains
spaces be sure to enclose the filename in double quotes.
ie del "this file.txt"


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Subject: vrf Delete a file, 2nd try

Good morning all,

This is my first attempt to use the ADN email service.  I have been
monitoring the emails for a few weeks and have picked up some very useful
hints and techniques.  Now I have a question.  I want to delete a file
programmatically.  Please review the attached command and tell me why it
doesn't work.

Dwayne Ensign
Eaton Aerospace

I forgot the attachment the first time.


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