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vrf Printer Escape Sequence

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 24, 2003
> The labeler does accept escape commands by it's documentation,
> but I am having trouble getting the printer to see a command
> from text.

Since it's designed to take these commands, this might not work (because it
should already) but it's worth a try. Open your Printers folder and right
click the printer, select Properties. Click the "Advanced" tab, and about
half way down there should be something about spooling. Turn the spooler
off. That is, select "Print directly to the printer" or something that means
that. There should also be a Print Processor button. Click that, and make
sure that the print processor is WinPrint (it is by default, but some
printers - specialty printers in particular - install their own print
processors) or whatever is recommended by the manufacturer. Make sure also
that the default datatype is RAW.

You used to be able to push escape sequences through the print driver, but
things have changed over the years and it's not so easy to do that anymore.
If this doesn't work, you have a couple other options. You can send bytes
directly to the port with one of the direct port IO drivers (definitely the
preferred option), build a text file and issue the command %comspec% /c copy
/b <file> <port>, where <port> is LPT1:, PRN: or similar, or you can do it
the Windows way: construct your output on a device context and send it to
the printer. That's pretty difficult though (relatively speaking).

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