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vrf Strip Chart

Question asked by carnahal on Jun 9, 2002
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What about using the X vs Y plot for this. I have attached an example that
uses this object and acts as a strip chart with Time as the X-Axis.

As for why your application wasn't working. I believe the XY trace displays
default to using a counter starting at zero when passing in a single
element. If this were an array the traces look at the array mappings to
determine X axis information. But when used in a strip chart manner, the
x-axis must increment values so the mapping information isn't used. Since
the values start at zero, the date shows as Jan 1, 01 and time defaults to
some of the strange settings as have previously noted on the vrf.

Hope this helps,

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A long while back I mentioned using an ActiveX strip chart object
because I wanted time of day on the X axis.  One of you replied with a
hint on how this can be done with the normal Vee strip chart object.  I
have finally gotten around to giving this a try and it certainly looks
like it should work - but it doesn't.  Please take a look at the
attached appplication and see if you can tell what's going on.  Its
helpful to read the Note before running the code.

Thanks in advance,