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vrf Confirm(OK) object changing color after being activated

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 30, 2002

Here's another way to make an "OK" change color. It's using a "Button"
toggle with custom bitmaps for each position. It LOOKS nice and simple,
but creating the bitmaps you want can be a little tricky. I first used
VEE with 2 OK buttons with different colors and appearances (one sunken,
one raised) and hit the Print Screen key on the keyboard. I opened an
image editor, pasted the "screen" shot in and cropped each one down to
it's own image, changed them to 256 colors, and saved each one as a GIF
file in the VEE Pro6.0 itmaps directory. It only takes a minute to do,
once you've done it a couple of times and the results look pretty good.

To use, put the 2 GIF files in your BITMAPS directory, then you can run
the program.

Mike Groves
Cree Microwave

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Subject: vrf Confirm(OK) object changing color after being activated

Dear All,
I would like a confirm(OK) object change its color after user activates it
in panel view. Is it possible? Thanks in advance for your feedback.
Omer Akbas
Arcelik A.S.
Istanbul, Turkey