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vrf 54622D memory data reading procedure

Question asked by oleg on Jul 30, 2002
Hi All,

Please advise how to get waveform data out of 54622D acquisition memory
to create screen image in VEE 6.0 environment for Unix 10.20. The
ActiveX as you know, doesn't work in Unix. I tried to use DisplayData_Q
function then WaveformData_Q and WaveformPreamble_Q functions, also data
conversion timing and voltage functions for waveform drawing, as said in
Agilent 54620/40 programming reference. It didn't work. I need to know
how to correctly use the P&P driver or direct IO commands to get screen
image and waveform from 54622D. If you have any programming example on
this topic, i`d highly appreciate if you share it with me.  

Best Regards,
Oleg Bukovsky
IT Department
Masherova av 89
Minsk Belarus
Dir: (375)(17) 2096341,2096342.
Fax: (375)(17) 2096345.
Cellprivate: (375) (29) 6600155
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