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vrf Introduction to the new vrf

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 13, 2002
Welcome to the new vrf!

NOTE: Do not begin any new threads on the old vrf ( We will not transfer any threads to the new mailing list. From today, all new threads should be posted on the new mailing list at "".  The old mailing list will be shut down on August 15.

We have successfully copied the member names to the new vrf. You should now post messages using the new mailing list. To post a message email it to "". Messages you receive from the new vrf will have "[vrf]" included in the subject to help you determine the source.

For members who were on both the vrf and vrf-digest your membership has been set to vrf-digest. Because of the new mail server, you only have the option of either being a member of vrf or vrf-digest but cannot be a member of both with the same email address. If you wish receive every email as it is posted then send a message to "" and include the text "set vrf mail" in the message body.

Digest messages are sent once a day. If you wish to receive the digest send a message to "" and include the text "set vrf digest" in the message body.

The new digest does not include the full text of the messages posted. It will contain only the subject lines and the first 55 characters of the message body. Instructions on how to retrieve the full text of any particular posting are included with each digest message.

Please retain the welcome message you initially received as a reference for help. Also, informational help is included in the footer of each message you receive from vrf. To keep postings short, please remove the old footer when you respond.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the web interface that would archive the messages and make them searchable. It is on our list of things to do for the vrf.


Nicole Dierksheide
Scott Bayes
Agilent Technologies

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