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vrf getting Vee's hWnd

Question asked by g.nied on Jun 9, 2003
Hi Craig,

here is my solution for finding the hWnd of the own VEE program:

1) get the current process ID with Kernel.GetCurrentProcessId
2) get first desktop window with
3) get next window with hWnd=User.GetWindow(hwnd, GW_HWNDNext)
   stop, if no more windows found
4) read that windows processID with User.GetWindowThreadProcessId(hWnd,0)
5) compare it to the ID from 1)
6) if equal, compare its class name User.GetClassNameA(hWnd) with yours
7) stop if found or goto 3)

best regards,

G. Nied

Georg Nied  - Software-Development - Hansestr.7 - 51149 Cologne - Germany
Tel: +49 2203 9770915 - Fax: +49 2203 9770924 -


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