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vrf Strang I/O question series

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 1, 2003

> For example, what about the game card ports? Can the
> original peek poke library support them?


> I have here, a GPIB card that was originally created
> for the IBM PC/AT

Weird! I would think it *is* an original HPIB card, but should be so marked
if it is. You should be able to tell if you put it on a "fast" bus and it
barfs. Can't remember what the AT ran I/O at. Was it 12MHz or 8MHz? Anyway,
I specifically remember problems with these cards when put on a fast bus.

Alternatively if the thing has any ROM on it you can read that & get all
kinds of insight. There used to be something called romscan.exe that made
quick work of it. QEMM also could do the same thing. If I remember
correctly, even the MS utility could do it. Can't remember the name though.
Was it sysinfo? If all else fails, get _Inside The IBM PC_ by Peter Norton
circa 1983. There's a GWBASIC program published in there that will do it.

P.S. - just found it. It's called MSD (Microsoft Diagnostics) and it's a
riot! Run it on NT and get ready to bust a stitch laughing. Choose
Utilities->Memory Browser, select ROM and hit Enter.

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