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vrf Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the web

Question asked by VRFuser on Aug 13, 2002
At 10:58 +0100 08/14/2002, Cahill, John (John) wrote:
>RE: "Unfortunately, we are unable to provide the web interface that
>would archive the messages and make them searchable. It is on our
>list of things to do for the vrf."
>I have only one question: when ?? This is the only feature that I
>wanted in addition to the what is currently provided by vrf. Thanks.
>John Cahill

Good question. We haven't yet identified a mechanism to provide web
access, given that the list server is behind the firewall, and our IT
folks prevent outside http access (for good reason, not just

We need a breathing space to get the list fully stabilized and do our
day jobs for a while. You'll need to give us a few weeks.

(My Eudora at home will only address my response to the vrf, and not
additionally to John, though I hit Reply To All. I see the
Return-path and Reply-To list only vrf, though John is clearly in
From. Anyone else having this problem? Any ideas for fixes? I usually
like to reply to sender, in addition to vrf)

Best Regards,

Scott Bayes

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