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vrf Controlling remote devices with VEERemote Functions under W95.

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 7, 2002
I need to control a remote instrument with VEE.  This instrument  is
connected via RS232 to a computer, and running VEE from this computer ,
with the  I/O Instrument Manager; I can control it .

Another remote computer is connected to it in a separate and exclusive

I'm trying to control the instrument using the Remote Functions. This
function "PuertoCom1" is included in the "MiRemote.vee" file, in the
host PC..

For two days, I've beeng using this Remote Function, calling it  from
the  VEE running in the remote PC.  The VEE Service Manager was running
in the host PC.

But when I try use it now, I receive a message: "Permission denied for
user, unknown user, on host, Error number:868".

The book "VEE Advanced Programming Techniques"  tells that in the UNIX
systems some security requirements must be satisfied; but I don't know
how to be identified by the host in  Windows95.  And I don't know,
either, what can have been changed from the date when the VEE Service
Manager allowed me to use the Remote Function.

Maybe nobody can assure that Remote Functions works fine in a Win95