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vrf getting Vee's hWnd

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 9, 2003
Thanks Shawn, you've given me some good avenues to investigate. I had a suspicion that there wasn't a quick and foolproof way to do it.


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Shawn Fessenden []
> Sent: Tuesday, 10 June 2003 03:22
> To: VEE vrf
> Subject: [vrf] RE: getting Vee's hWnd
> Craig,
> > What is the best way for Vee to
> > get the hWnd handle of it's own window?
> The easiest way is to call FindWindow with VEE's window
> class, passing NULL for window title. VEE 5's class was
> "HPVEE". It's now "AgilentVEE". The trouble with this is that
> if you have multiple instances running it will only find one of them.
> You *can* use the Process Status API (psapi.dll) with NT, or
> the ToolHelp library with both 9x & NT but both are much more
> difficult than a simple FindWindow call (more so ToolHelp
> than Process Status). Or you can enumerate all on screen
> windows & go completely nuts finding the one you want.
> All things considered I like one simple clean easy call.

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