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vrf VS: How to copy & delete files in Vee AND get respond when done?

Question asked by tapio.ronkainen on Sep 10, 2003
Aihe: RE[2]: [vrf] How to copy & delete files in Vee AND get respond when done?

     > wrote:.
     >>       Normally this would work, but unfortunately in this case it does not. The
     >> location where I am copying stuff to is a MMC card, connected to PC via USB
     >> bus. The control returns from after just few seconds. The actual
     >> copy is still well underway when this happens. Oh I forgot to mention. I use
     >> Win98 and Vee 6.01. I use the wait for prog exit -option.
     >>       This might be problem with this MMC device's WIN98 drivers or the WIN98
     >> itself.
     >Well- if the OS has no way of knowing that the transfer is done - file
     >perhaps sitting in a buffer or the like - then VEE certainly doesn't know.
     >Your best bet may be to write a little loop that polls your devices
     >until it sees the files as you want them.

     Yes, this is true. I am thinking of somekind of a way to poll the target directory. So that I could determine when the file size jumps from 0k to 120MB -> real filecopy done. Unfortunately I have not enought WIN API knowlegde to do this.

     I am kinda hoping that someone has had this prob... err chanllenge earlier and managed to solve it.


     But thanks for info,

     Stan Bischof  Agilent Technologies  707-577-3994

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