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vrf trigger problem

Question asked by VRFuser on Jun 27, 2003
Hi Hammer,

I have just worked out the problem according to the suggestiong of another user of the maillist.

It seems not so serious about the firewire link and PNP driver on commands overlapping at this condition. It can work and the problem is on that I add an "?OPC" command in the queue and that block the operation till the measurement finished.

Anyway, thank you very much and have a nice weekend!

Also many thanks to Christian and Peter!

Yu Lei

======= 2003-06-26 you wrote=======

>Hi Yu Lei,
>> The hardware is a E8401A VXI mainframe with E8491B 1394 firewire PC Link
>> to VXI and the A/D converter E1413 is install in it.
>> I use Plug$play driver in programming and send some SCPI commands in
>> passthrough functions. It is programmed in VEE 6.0.
>Yes.  This will cause a problem.  Commands cannot be overlapped with
>Firewire and Plu&Play.  A command must finish before the next can beggin.
>> I am not very clear about Command Module,
>The Command Module is a slot 0 card (as is the E8491B).  It connects to the
>computer with a GPIB cable.  You do send SCPI commands to it.  It interprets
>the commands and sends the register based commands on the VXI backplane.  It
>has a controller in it which sets things up multi-threaded.  That's why it
>doesn't have a problem with overlapping commands - each is on its own
>> Can it be used in my hardware setting?
>No.  You'd have to trade the E8491B for the command module.
>> I tried Direct I/O but since E1413 is not message based it didn't work.
>How can I solve this problem?
>There should be an ISCPI driver that gets installed with the CSCPI driver
>when you install Plug&Play -- unless they've changed things since the last
>time I used this.  (That could be, it's been a while.)
>> I am a little confused in using SCPI commands directly in VEE6.0, how it
>Start with the "*IDN?" query in a Direct I/O widget to a Message Based card.
>Receive a string response.
>Once you have that working, try a register based card (for which you have
>installed the CSCPI driver).
>Once you have that working, all should go well.
>On the other hand, a Command Module is cheap compared to some of the
>problems that you may have.
>Les Hammer
>VP Engineering
>Complete Test
>720 SW 14th St.
>Loveland, CO.  80537

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