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vrf Appearance of Text Input Changes after Making Runtime in VEE

Question asked by VRFuser on Nov 2, 2004
Hello All -

I use a number of Text input boxes in my program using VEE 7.0. In development mode the boxes appear as expected. However, when I create a runtime, the width of the boxes shrink and my label/prompt text gets wrapped.

I've tried to force the box bigger by increasing thePopupMaxDisplayedCharacters variable. This made the box and input area wider, but the text was still wrapped as before.

I looked into the runtime configuration and I see an area for setting font sizes. I changed all the settings that I think are relevant but to no avail. I'm usin Arial 18 bold on my labelling.

I'm new to VEE 7.0 so I may be missing something fundamental here. Your help would deeply appreciated.

Thanks in Advance,


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