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HPVee 3.12 and HP82341D

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 13, 2001

Hi Pawel,

I do not understand how your VEE 3.12 and 82341D PnP HP-IB card
work at all!

---> Did you really mean "HPVee ver. 3.12"?

If you really meant "3.12":

The E2120C VEE 3.12 for Windows (July-1995) was the last VEE to be
supported only on the 16-bit Windows 3.1x .
Fortunately Windows 95 supports 16-bit applications.

You have successfully installed the F.01.02.00 32-bit I/O Library.

But the VEE 3.12 is expecting a 16-bit I/O Library.  The last 16-bit
I/O Library was B.03.13 and was shipped on the same CD as the 32-bit
G.02.02.02 Library.

The "HP I/O Libraries B.03.13 for Windows 3.x" is available with
instructions on ... index.html

But that 16-bit B.03.13 I/O Library did not support the PNP 82341D !

If you really meant "3.21":

The E2120D VEE 3.21 for Windows (April-1996) was the second VEE
to be supported on the 32-bit Windows 95/NT.

You have successfully installed the F.01.02.00 32-bit I/O Library.

I don't know why the VEE 3.21 can't find the 82341D's hpib7 in the
F.01.02.00 I/O Library configuration.

You have tried the but Instrument Finder in VEE, but have you
tried the simpler method of adding an instrument at the address
(like 705)?  Maybe just the Instrument Finder is confused?

Maybe we fixed something since F.01.02.00 ?
Maybe related to the new faster processors?
Normally I'd suggest trying the latest Agilent J.02.00 I/O Library: which points to ... nj0200.exe

But VEE 3.21 was never tested on J.02.00, and I am concerned
about our HP to Agilent name change and some installation
directory changes confusing old VEE 3.21, so maybe try the
old-and-stable-but-newer-than-F.01.02 G.02.02 revision?: ... ng0202.exe

Does your new AMD K6-500 have more than one processor?
Our I/O Libraries do not yet support multiprocessors.

I hope this helps!

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> From: Pawel Zylka []
> Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2001 7:06 AM
> To:
> Subject: vrf: HPVee 3.12 and HP82341D
> Hello to All,
> I am still working with HPVee ver. 3.12 and HP82341D PnP
> HP-IB card. This "couple" runs on my old system (Intel P133,
> PnP BIOS, Win95) fine. But now I have to move to a new one
> (AMD K6-500, PnP BIOS, Win95) and I am in trouble now. I have
> installed the same libraries set (HP I/O Lib. ver
> F.01.02.00), the card uses the same address range and IRQ as
> in the old system (without any conflicts). I_O Config for HP
> I/O Libs is able to locate and configure the card but
> Instrument Finder from HPVee cannot locate the GPIB card in
> the new computer. So basicly I cannot work with GPIB anymore...
> Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

> PS. Please do not suggest buying Vee6 - it will not work ...

> Pawel Zylka
> Wroclaw University of Technology
> Institute of Electrical Engineering Fundamentals
> Division of Electrotechnology
> Wybrzeze Wyspianskiego 27
> 50-370 Wroclaw
> Poland
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