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vrf Serious error 979 in runtime application

Question asked by f.vollink on Feb 5, 2002
Hi Ralf,

I had the same problem some time ago. You should check your IO configuration
(start menu).


Friedrich Vllink
Gasunie Research Groningen

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Verzonden: maandag 4 februari 2002 10:06
Aan: VEE Reflector
Onderwerp: vrf VRF: Serious error 979 in runtime application

SMART Electronic Development GmbH - Germany

Von:  Ralf Eichele@SMART GMBH am 04.02.2002 10:06

An:   VEE Reflector <>
Thema:    VRF: Serious error 979 in runtime application

Hello all,

i've in one of my applications problems with a serious error 979 in the
version. The error occurs sometimes (e.g. one times per week) when a file
selection box is called. The computer is implemented in a network with many
network drives. It occurs also on other computers in the network, where the
application is installed. Does anybody know, what the cause is and/or have


Ralf Eichele

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