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vrf Data Translation cards

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 22, 2002
Hi Ross,
        The problem is that these cards need the 'Configure' objects set up
for each piece of hardware and you cannot put input pins to take the
parmeters.  What I have done for these is to have a simple VEE program
called 'Configure0' or the like.  All this has in it is the A/D Configure
object which is linked to the card 0.  Then I have a more general driver (
I use a 'class'-style methodology ) which I call clAtoD.  I make an
'instance' of this called, say, ADC0to3 which tells the class file it has
to load and run 'Configure0.vee', Configure1.vee', 'Configure2.vee' and
'Configure3.vee'.  Sounds a bit complex but once it's sets up it is very
easy to add extra boards, change the function of the driver etc.

I can send you some examples if that would help.


Mike Watts


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