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vrf OK, this is my first message doing this, so this is

Question asked by VRFuser on Jul 3, 2003
Hello Tom,
          One of VEE's really strong points is that of dealing with data
and data types intelligently and so I would be surprised to see a problem
with VEE converting text "30" to a real to make the comparison.

I would check for strange characters in the text message e.g. you could use
the strLen function to determine that you really only have 2 characters in
your text number ( for debugging purposes ) or use the charToInt function
on both characters to ensure that you have ascii 51 and 48 ( and not, for
example, 51 and 79 ).  If that is the problem, you should then trace where
the string is being corrupted.

Let us ( the vrf ) know how it goes: if you want to make an extract of your
program that shows the problem it may be easier to help you.


Mike Watts


  Michael J. Watts Consultant                               PO Box 92
  e-mail: MikeJWatts@CompuServe.Com                             Devon
  tel: 07714 339 729                                          EX4 2YY

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