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vrf Long file name problem - solution(!?)

Question asked by bwalden on Sep 16, 2003
Hi folks,

Some of you may remember the problem I reported a months ago having to
do with long Vee application file names.  Application development effort
using these files resulted in modified file names adhering to the old
8.3 format.  The problem was clearly Win2000 related but only Vee files
were affected. I have been living with this situation for a number of
months but I finally realized that the workaround I have been using
pointed to the problem area.

In order to avoid a file name change I have been dragging the file icon
onto a Vee.exe icon on my desktop rather than simply double clicking on
the file icon itself.  Recently I took a look at the Win2000 file
extension "association" list and, although it seemed OK, I tried
revising it.  This led to a quagmire of difficulties but eventually I
was able to delete the "Vee" entry.  I then uninstalled Vee itself and
reinstalled it.  Lo-and-behold, everything works correctly.

Note that I had previously tried simply uninstalling and reinstalling
Vee but that did not solve the problem.  Reinstalling Win2000 didn't
either. It seems important to remove (or correct) the ".VEE" extension
association table entry.


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