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vrf Embedded I/O and Run Time

Question asked by VRFuser on Feb 15, 2001
Hello All,

I've just written my first vee test program in VEE 6 (I've been using Vee 4 and 5 for a couple of years) and am having trouble getting the runtime version to work.  I am using the new abiltiy to embed the I/O configuration in the program itself, but when I run the runtime compiled version of the code, I get an error stating that one of my instruments is not present (even though it is saved in the configuration) and although the program still seems to run, it shows the error on exit, and the next time the runtime or development mode program is run, the system locks up.

Has anyone ever encountered this before?  If so, how do I fix this?


P.S.  As an aside, I've always wondered:  what advantage is there in saving a runtime compiled version of the code with the debug features turned off?  I've read more than once that this can improve performance, but since the debug features aren't available in the runtime mode, I always assumed that they are automatically disabled when the code is compiled.  What am I missing?

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