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vrf MS Access Setup in Vee

Question asked by VRFuser on Mar 27, 2001
    At the risk of sounding dismissive, I thought the examples under
C:Program FilesAgilentVEE Pro 6.0examplesActiveXAutomation  [this is
the default directory - yours may be different]

are a pretty good start and use the databases found beneath that directory
in 'Data' - it's in the 97 version too.

If you _really_ want to set up a file from new ( can't think why you'd want
to do that ) you're probably into writing a fair amount of SQL-style script
to send to Access.  I think you are much better off setting up the database
structure manually and then using that ( or a copy, if you want to start
with no data each time ).


Mike Watts
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