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vrf XY plots and pin inputs

Question asked by rsb on Apr 12, 2001 wrote:
> Hi, I have created a VEE program that plots GPS data Northing vs. Easting.
> I would like to change the color of the plotted line based on values from a
> plastic scintillator which is connected to the serial port.  I have
> accomplished this to a limited degree by using if statements and gates.  I
> basically have several pin inputs that are assigned different colors and a
> single pin input that is assigned black.  I use the if statements to
> activate the pin with the appropriate color, subsequently the data to the
> other pins is offset a little and then overwritten with the black line
> trace.   This technique works but I end up with a dotted line trace and all
> of the colors cycling on the screen as it plots.  Is there any way to turn a
> pin input on and off so that only one color is being plotted at a time?

Sounds like you should be using the 'traces' control input and have just one
input. This allows you to programmatically change line color, style, etc.

the "help" on your display gives full details, but basically you send
into the control pin a record specifying what changes you want to make



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