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vrf Remote data monitoring ...

Question asked by VRFuser on Apr 4, 2002

It's easily done safely and securely by using a VPN tunnel for
accessing PCs behind your firewall from home or where ever.
Ask your IT if something like that exists at your place already.

Through a VPN, my PC from home becomes part of the local network
at work. I then use pcAnywhere for my remote data monitoring. You
can use any number of monitoring tools, including the html server
built into VEE if you want to turn it on.

Mike Groves
UltraRF a CREE company
Sunnyvale, CA

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Does anyone have any experience with remote data monitoring in Vee 5.0 or
6.0.  I'm thinking it's doable over the internet via I.P. addresses - I'm
not sure how firewalls and our internal LAN might affect this.

Any help on this?

Thanks in advance, John
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